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 Together since 1987,
Lori and Robin Lull have been involved
in various musical endeavors over the years,
in the northern New England area.

Returning to their balladeer roots, Lori and Robin aim
the duo side of the band towards a simple mix of
keyboards, guitars and vocals, to create beautiful
and fun
music as they continue to explore many of the

styles and artists, new and older, that influence them.
At the same time, the lyrics and message of their original
material is something that they hope will touch hearts,
minds and souls of everybody who listens.

In this chapter of their music,
they hope to satisfy a broad range of musical tastes
 with a fun, heartwarming, intimate and charismatic
 approach to their music and their listeners.
The results should be an eclectic range of songs
which represents their spiritual, humanitarian,
and conservationist philosophies.

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MUSIC from the Duo's  Presskit Demo CD:

Can We Just Sail Away_(original)_live acoustic_sample

The Inner Voice_(original)_live acoustic_sample

Luck And Blossoms (original) live acoustic

Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard and the Swell Season (cover) live acoustic sample

It Don't Take Long by Charlie Sexton (cover) live acoustic sample

Music Box Melody (original) live acoustic sample

Butterfly by Lenny Kravitz (*full cover*) live acoustic

The Scientist by ColdPlay (cover) live sample

Love In Vain by Robert Johnson (*full cover*)
Just a fun jam by Robin(bass and vox) and many musical friends 
celebrating a 50th birthday party for a Professor/Friend

For a full printed Press Kit for the duo
(of Robin and Lori), download one directly from here:




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Below are the 4 lyrics panels that are part of the booklet for the album CD package.
for more information on the album and songs, please click the link under these pictures.



Appearing at the 2013 Dartmouth Artworks Festival

Appearing at the 2011 Dartmouth Artworks Festival

with one of their songs
featured on the CD below
on track 6 and it's called "The Inner Voice"




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